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We are a privately-owned company that has been managed by the owners for several generations. Since 1990, we have been producing pet food at our headquarters in idyllic Bavaria. Exciting products, which have the welfare of your pet in mind, are guiding our activities and decisions.

What makes us special?

Our passion for producing pet food that both innovative and healthy is part of the family DNA. With decades of experience in production and sales, we strive every day to give the very best. We constantly check the palatability as well as whether our products still correspond to the state of scientific knowledge. True to the motto "make good things even better". As a member of the IVH organization (Industrieverband Heimtierbedarf e.V.) we follow the strict FEDIAF guidelines in the manufacturing process of our products.

Where can I buy BLUE TREE?

You can buy BLUE TREE products at pet specialty stores as well as online directly with us or other partners. Buy >

Do you offer samples?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any samples at the moment. We recommend that you visit one of the dogs show on which we exhibit (dates & locations can be found at NEWS). Take the chance to familiarize yourself with our products and learn more about the quality. At the show you often have the chance to grab a sample or buy products at an introductory price.

Where do our raw materials derive from?

Many of the ingredients used in BLUE TREE products come from our own farm, whose acres surround the company site. Short distances not only guarantee unparalleled freshness, but also help to keep the cost of producing high-quality goods at an attractive level. In addition, we work with suppliers from the local area. BLUE TREE don`t buy any raw materials whose origin cannot be proved doubtless. Continuous quality from serious resources is at the top of our list of claims. BLUE TREE does not use any fillers or artificial flavor enhancers or additives with questionable ingredients.

Which meat do you use?

BLUE TREE only uses appropriate muscle meat and inner organs (such as rumen, lung, etc.), which make nutritional sense and are not just a cheap filler.  We pass on cheap ingredients such as hooves, feathers, claws.

Does BLUE TREE conduct animal tests?

BLUE TREE develops its products together with a veterinary specialist, so that animal experiments, which are still made by some manufacturers, are not necessary. Of course, our own dogs and those of staff, friends and the local animal shelter are often invited to test during the development process, but only when we are sure that the recipe is final and healthy.