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Grain-free Dog Snacks

The health of your four-legged friend is especially important for us! For this reason you will find a variety of grain-free products for your dog in our online shop. Grain is not beneficial for a dog, so you should make sure that chewing snacks, chew toys and of course the general dog food you have chosen for your dog does not contain grain.
All BLUE TREE products are grain-free! Beginning with our Rooties Play - Snack rolls over our DogTos - dog drops up to our vitamin-rich Wellnes Flakes.


Grain-free Wellness Flakes for your Dog

Our delicious Wellness Flakes are 100% grain-free and low in fat, which makes them ideal as a dietary supplement for your dog.
We from BLUE TREE produce the delicious Wellness Flakes in our Bavarian manufactory with high-quality raw ingredients, most of which we grow ourselves. BLUE TREE is one of the leading German manufacturers of cereal-free dog snacks. It is not simply a task for us, but rather the pure passion and love for our four-legged friends, which motivates us every day to give our best to develop and produce the best dog products.
If you want to know more about our Wellness Flakes, just click here.

Grain-free dog snacks - a must for your dog's health

But on BLUE-TREE.dog you not only get cereal-free Wellness Flakes, but also cereal-free chewing bones and dog treats without cereals.
It is essential for your dog's health that you give him as little grain as possible. That's why we always reaffirm how important a grain-free diet is for your dog! Discover the grand selection of cereal-free dog snacks and cereal-free dog chews from BLUE TREE in our online shop.

Our varied assortment includes a large selection of different, cereal-free dog snacks and natural chew toys, which we also produce without cereals.
As with all other BLUE TREE dog products, our cereal-free dog products are made from strictly controlled, local ingredients. We grow a large part of the raw ingredients right next to our production buildings in Holzheim, Bavaria. This enables us to ensure and trace how and where the raw materials for our healthy dog snacks are grown.

In addition to the strictly controlled ingredients for our delicious dog snacks, chewing bones and dog drops, we also refrain from using artificial colourings, flavour enhancers or other dubious ingredients in all BLUE TREE products! Our products should not only make your dog happy, but also help him to lead a healthy and active life for many years.

If you have questions to the raw ingredients or also to our products, then you can ask us gladly your questions. Just call us or send us an e-mail. Of course you can also use our contact form. We will answer your request as soon as possible.